Hot on the heels of Stephen the Canuck's first mission, we're going to try something very abstract. Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Take a picture with the crappiest digital camera you own.

What can the picture be of? The content can be of your choice, but the hardware cannot!

The crappiest camera you may have could be your old camera phone, your old point and shoot you haven't touched in years, or anything similar. Am I being too strict to limit this to 8mp?

Throwing a holga lens on your dSLR is not going to be enough, because you're in control of too much. Be at the mercy of your basic camera, and show us what you can do with it!


All results should be posted here in their native(!) resolution, by 24:00 hours on Saturday. I'm giving you a little extra time so you can really test things out. Each individual can post two individual pictures. One MUST be taken between now and the end of your mission. The second photo can be anything you have taken with the camera, however if you're going to post an old photo, you MUST include a new photo as well.

Results will not be judged, but we can all feel free to comment on each other's photos. What can you coax out of your crappy cameras? Consider this an exercise in showcasing your knowledge of framing, composition, lighting and the understanding that you can make great things out of what you already have.

So Photography Kinja, show me what you've got!