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Came across this Chicago Tribune post recently. I’d seen it before, since it’s from 2011, and though my responsibilities have changed dramatically in the past few years, so many of these 50 items still ring true for me, personally. So much so that as I was reading through the list looking for specific ones to highlight, I found myself realizing I’d have to highlight about 97 percent of them.

So, without further ado, I present this blog post from the Chicago Tribune about 50 reasons You Know You’re a Photographer When...


Ok, ok... I can’t help it — the first four are just ridiculously accurate:

1. You have french fries under your front seat and spilled coffee near your gearshift.

2. You rip your pants jumping a fence.

3. You view big press events as family gatherings.

4. You gamble on how far you can go on an empty gas tank.

Incidentally, in regards to No. 2, I’ve torn a number of pairs of pants by jumping over fences to get a shot. One of the most memorable times, however, was the time I jumped over a fence railing to climb out of a dugout for celebration shots of a baseball player who had just hit a home run. In the commotion of the moment, I didn’t realize I had ripped a huge hole in the seat of my jeans right along the seam of my back pocket. I spent the next hour or so continuing to shoot the game, even moving through the stands and shooting from the opposing team’s dugout.

I didn’t realize anything was amiss until I was back at my office a couple of hours later. I went to use the restroom and caught a glimpse of the tattered denim in the bathroom mirror! At least I was wearing cute underwear that day, heh.

Finally, I would also add a 51st reason to that list:

51. You find yourself taking photos of other photojournalists while they are working. Inversely, another photojournalist takes a photo of you while you’re working. That photo then becomes your profile photo for all your social media accounts. :)


And if ever anything could get me to doxx myself on kinja, it would be the desire to post just such a photo, lol.

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