So Im totally an unapologetic Panasonic whore and really into the MFT system. Its a good system that combines near DSLR performance and near compact size. For film its been a winner for me as its so close to cinema that its practically equal to super 35 and so much cheaper than a true s35 chip camera, plus a vibrant hacking community and really solid performance. But I haven't been this excited about a new Panasonic since the AF100 (which i now own and it getting a little long in the tooth)

The GH4 is a 4K video/still camera that is really, REALLY serious about video. How serious? 4k cinema, quad hd, 1080p96 all with 200 mpbs iframe and 100 mpbs intraframe with 422 color, timecode and an optional module for XLR, and SDI. ITs supposed to have better DR, better sensor readout speeds and better AF. Plus its a better stills camera than the GH3...which is already pretty great. All for, what they are expecting, is going to be ~$1500 (more for the breakout adapter)


Super excited, especially considering You can use it with a speed booster and manual nikon or canon glass.

You can get this, a break out adapter, all the nikor primes you need and a speed booster for less than a $6000. Thats nutty.