It hasn't been very long, and certainly no one has specifically been asking, but the "hopefully weekly" Photo Missions will be returning to Photography very soon.

What happened? Well, none of this should be a surprise, but StephenTheCanuck and I are not staff, we're users. We're users with posting rights just like many of you (or at least able to comment). With that in mind, when life gets in the way, we must yield to that.

I myself was involved in a pretty nasty car accident, that's left me without a car until probably next week. Stephen has his own life to handle first as well.


I was lucky to get out of the car and walk away immediately. My sense of self preservation kicked in because my car ended up being in the left lane of a highway, and I didn't want to risk my life any more after the guy failed to yield to traffic.


I'm with it, and I'm fine. Obviously, fine is a relative term, and I have my ups and downs (I would certainly call it traumatic, despite my initial lack of reaction to the event), but I'm able to handle myself, and I was both back at work and driving the next day.

So with that all in mind, many of you Photography posters are Opponauts, and have seen my posts about this already along with the footage.


I certainly have a new Mission in mind for you guys, and expect things to make an attempt to return to what we'd like to at least consider normal soon.

Keep those cameras ready, because you'll be put to task!