With my last post I share some photos from my chromebook since I lost my sd card reader. I have since found it but I found it so relaxing and more pleasant to just take the files straight from the camera and upload them, plus it keeps me more focused on getting it right in the camera. With that said here’s some shots from straight from the camera.

Also my wife’s shot with 24mm prime.
My wife’s shot with my T2i w/ 24mm prime.



On top of that I bought a light meter.

I’m in love. Although I will use it for my Lubitel and any other old cameras I buy I mainly bought this to help me light consistently between different shots when filmmaking.

Lastly is the latest film I helped collaborate with.

Any criticism will be met with racer excuses, lol.

EDIT: The two close ups of the swan are my wife’s photos taken with my T2i with a 24mm prime. Yes, she’s very ballsy.