Ok, the header pic here is not my most profound, I just wanted to share some doggie click bait. But below, is the most profound photo I’ve ever taken. Please post yours in a the comments or a in a new post. Let’s get deep!

In late September of 2008, I went to Cincinnati for a vacation. Yes, you read that right. I vacationed in Cincinnati. For ten days. Paid time off. Cincinnati. I went there to visit my friend, Jen Sandwich. Remember, this was October 2008. The start of the worst part of the economic downturn. Times were tough for so many people and about to get worse. Jobs were being lost by the tens of thousands. The company I was working for at the time filed for bankruptcy while I was on vacation and I would be laid off three months later.

On this particular day, myself, Jen, and her boyfriend drove down to Kentucky and started walking. We explored many abandoned buildings. We climbed around in rail yards. We walked around for close to eight hours. Late in the afternoon, we emerged from a rail yard to this debris filled lot. I don’t know what had previously been here, but it was literally reduced to a pile of rubble.

At various places in this vast lot were the members of a family. Mother, father, and a few young children. They were looking for scrap metal to recycle. The boy in the photograph was about 10 years old. He had a pickaxe and had dug dug out the hole he was working with it. Every piece of metal he found, no matter how small, went in the buckets.


This was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in person. This was their existence. Digging for scrap metal. This boy’s childhood is being spent in a hole in the ground. I only took this one picture of the boy. Besides showing it to a few close friends, I’ve never shared this picture, let alone put it online.