...To get my test roll of color film developed. I didnt realize it would take a week. And i was also sad to see they dont give me back the negatives. Oh well, it was only a test roll to test the meter. Plus the guy seemed confused when i asked for only a CD. So hes like "oh, in that case, ill just throw away the prints and charge you like 3 bucks for the disk". That made it a little better.

I got to try out 4 different lenses on this roll.

-55mm 1.7 (which i like alot for general use so far)

-28mm 2.5 (which is also awesome, and it will be a battle between this and the 55mm for most shooting time. Plus this one has an enlarger glass to take pretty good close ups)

-28-200mm 3.5 (sadly the aperture blades dont close fully between the middle apertures, so its either wide open or stopped down)

-85-205mm 3.8 (im liking this one alot except for the immense weight. Coupled with the 101 its nearly like holding a rifle)


So whenever i get the scans, ill post them up (if of course they arent all horrible)

Oh and when i went to rewind the film. I broke about a 1/4inch of the tail of the film off since i must have loaded it wrong around the take up spool. Hopefully thats okay.