I was hoping to catch some Quadrupleioids or whatever they’re called that peaked the night before, but I came up empty.

The night was supposed to be moonless and perfectly clear skies. Less than an hour after I started shooting, clouds rolled in. Blah! I was planning on doing two and half to three hours worth of shots, which would have probably yielded some meteors a bit further into the night/morning.

Our header is 78 30-second exposures (18mm, f/3.5, ISO 1250) which 43 minutes of shots. A truck came down the road and lit up my foreground, which was cool. Though I didn’t do a great job blending that foreground frame onto the stacked star trails. I should fix that.

I brought the old D3100 along as well and fitted the 1963 Nikon 50mm to it. With this setup I took 70 30-second exposures (f/2.8, ISO 800) which was 35 minutes. The same truck caused a giant lens flare in one frame. I kinda like the result so I didn’t bother to try to minimize it’s impact in the final image. I did blend one frame’s worth of foreground over the bottom to tighten things up. All those frames of trees, branches, and leaves moving around in the breeze look like poo. I did a much better job blending this one (I figured out a trick while doing this one which I need to use on the other picture).


And finally, just because they are cute, here are those kittens. Still have ‘em. Probably stuck with ‘em. I guess that’s fine.

I had some concerns a while back about Sugarloaf (the one with the half-foot; she’s the top pic). She wasn’t eating, was undersized, and had not good poop. I spent a few days feeding by hand with a syringe and she bounced right back.

She’s still smaller than her sister, but eats like a champ and has very healthy poo. She also used to very shy and didn’t like to be picked up. Now she is an attention monster. Good times.


Her sister, Siesta (on the bottom, but that was probably obvious being that the other one is on top), is doing great. She likes to jump on my back and hang from my flesh when I’m feeding them. It’s fantastic. I don’t really need all my blood. But she’s a sweety, too.