This was a weird weekend. I found out late on Friday night that a friend died. After that, I couldn’t sleep and was pretty much for close to 40 hours straight. That sucked. On Sunday, after getting some sleep, th wife and I headed across the state to watch a SpaceX launch. I was even going to live stream it on Facebook for work. I got my camera set up and got my live feed going. The launch was scrubbed with nine seconds left before liftoff. We had a dinner picnic while waiting for all the traffic to clear and got to see this weird sunset, complete with lightning. On the drive home, Google Maps kept adjusting our route on the fly as we tried to navigate the maze of toll roads to get back to I-4 west of Orlando. Somehow, it sent us on the longest and most expensive route one could take. I snapped some pictures of the sunset, so the trip wasn’t a total bust. This one is three shots with lightning, stacked into one. That’s all I got. A picture and a rambling story. Time for some more sleep.