Ah, technology. Love it or hate it, it's all around us. Which is why this week's mission, should you choose to accept it (and you should), is:

Take a picture of something high tech.

Really, anything high tech (and you get to decide what that means) will do. As an example, I took a picture of my 360, with a huge for the time 120 gig hard drive. The original shipped with a twenty gig drive, and the newer consoles can be had with one terabyte drives (at least, the special edition Xbox One Call of Duty bundle), showing how quickly things can change over time. Photo was taken with my D70s with the 18-70mm lens (which seems to be having some issues with spots right now).

And now, for the rules:

1. You can submit one or two pictures for the challenge. Please submit them through the comments on this post. After the deadline I will gather them into an exhibition post. I would like for the photos to be recent ones, but it's not a hard rule.


2. I've heard some complaints in the past about not having enough time during the week to take pictures and wanting to push the deadline back for a chance to shoot on the weekend, so the deadline will be 23:59 (11:59 for those who don't use 24 hour time) EST on Sunday. The exhibition post will be up some time on Monday. Each week's new mission will be posted on Monday.

3. This is not a judged competition. This is just for fun and to show of our work.


4. With your submission please tell us about the photo. The specs, the location (if you're comfortable with that), and the background story of it.

5. Any camera is welcome, even phone cameras. I would prefer for people to not use automatic modes, but I accept that composition/etc. will still produce a good photograph with the camera in automatic mode. Editing is allowed.


These missions are intended to be fun, and to give people a reason to get out and shoot. I would like for positive discussion to come about from these, as well as to increase the participation on Photography Kinja.

Now, get out there and complete your mission!