Your mission, should you choose to accept it (you should) is the following;

Edit this photo.

So this week we're going to do something a little different. I'll take 911 RS for $5000 has

allowed us the chance to edit the RAW file of this photo to see how we all edit differently.


It's their photo, so no claiming it as your own. Other than that edit away. It should be interesting to see all of the different editing styles.

The Rules:

1. The deadline is midnight (24:00 hours) on Friday. The exhibition post will be up some time on Saturday. Each week's new mission will be posted on Monday (except this one).


2. This is not a judged competition. This is just for fun and to show of our work.

These missions are intended to be fun, and to give people a reason to get out and shoot. I would like for positive discussion to come about from these, as well as to increase the participation on Photography Kinja.


Now go forth and complete your mission!


The first is Sony's ARW, the second is an 8-bit TIFF in AdobeRGB straight from Sony's Image Data Converter software (for anyone who can't manipulate the ARW). As a warning, they're a bit big.


ARW (25MB):…

TIFF (70MB):…