Last week, we took pictures of really big things. This week, we're going in the opposite direction. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you should) is:

Take a picture of something small. And remember, small is all relative, so get creative!

This picture is one I took while messing around with my camera for this challenge idea. It's a very small figurine (appropriately named by myself as "the world's smallest violin, playing a sad song just for you") that my friend gave me as we were graduating high school, situated on top of my bass guitar. I tool the picture with my D70s with a Nikkor 18-70mm f/4.5 at 70mm, ISO unknown.

And now, The Rules, as stolen from last week:

1. You can submit one or two pictures for the challenge. Please submit them through the comments on this post. After the deadline I will gather them into an exhibition post. I would like for the photos to be recent ones, but it's not a hard rule.


2. The deadline is midnight (24:00 hours) on Friday. The exhibition post will be up some time on Saturday. Each week's new mission will be posted on Monday.

3. This is not a judged competition. This is just for fun and to show of our work.


4. With your submission please tell us about the photo. The specs, the location (if you're comfortable with that), and the background story of it.

5. Any camera is welcome, even phone cameras. I would prefer for people to not use automatic modes, but I accept that composition/etc. will still produce a good photograph with the camera in automatic mode. Editing is allowed.


Remember, these are all about having some fun and trying things out. Keep all critiques positive in nature, as we're all friends here.

Now, get out and shoot!