Ever wonder what happens to that apple with the Washington sticker on it once it is plucked from the tree?

Well, first the whole bin goes for a bath. That bin you see on straddle trucks or flat decks is submerged allowing the apples to float away without bruising or damage. Next the apples go for a rinse, removing any lose leaves.

After the bath the apples are given a wax coating and air dried.


After all the tumbling and bumping around, some of the apples have too many blemishes to be sold as fresh fruit. This is where the human element comes in. All the apples are hand sorted to ensure they are the best examples of what the farmer has grown.

The last step is packing. The apples are placed into trays which are then hand packed into boxes. These boxes then get wrapped and shipped and sent out to your local super market.


The whole process is rather fascinating and the amount of technology and machinery that goes into it is impressive. I was very grateful to Starr Ranch for letting me come out and take some photos.