Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Video didn't kill the radio star - at least not my Videos.

First off: Greetings! I feel as though I haven’t been here in awhile (mostly because I haven’t) because I see many different names posting here now than I used to. Glad to see this place so far survived the Gawker buyout.

Now, to business.

Part of what has kept me away from here is that I have started an online store for photographers (and soon videographers), selling flashes, strobes and other lighting accessories. It’s actually been going well so far, and we almost have our 2nd brand on board.

To help with improving brand recognition of our 1st brand (Godox), we have started making how-to guides for their products. We wanted to make them as short and to the point as possible, with the goal of making more in-depth videos later in a different format. Part of the reason we did this is our limited resources while we are building the business.


Our resources were not just limited by money, but also skill, talent, and video equipment. So here is what we’ve ended up with: 6 videos that may or may not achieve our goals around helping getting people started as quickly as possible.

We have started to fix things as we’ve gone along, but we could certainly use some feedback. What do you think? What could we improve on?

Some notes:

We are currently filming with a Google Pixel XL. While we have access to DSLRs that are perfectly capable with filming, we wanted something that could be setup on the fly for whenever we were inspired to do this kind of video. With that phone we get: decent video autofocus, 4k (although 1080 for slow motion) and a sort-of noise cancelling microphone. It also offers using that little flash as a video light, but we now use an off-camera video light (see episode 6) which seems to be an improvement as well.


Thanks in advance for reading/viewing these.

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