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Variations On A Theme

SpaceX sent a rocket up last night and I had been scoping out a new place to shoot it from here in St. Petersburg.

The clouds had other plans. It had been clearing up but about 40 minutes before the launch, the clouds came rolling in and only got worse. Oh well. Next time.

For the record, the rocket would have gone up in the center between the boat and red light, curving over the air control tower for the Albert Whitted Airport.

That is the airport that the is part of the St. Pete IndyCar street track. I did take the opportunity in the early hours of Monday morning to take an uninterrupted lap of the track, being able to do practically all of it but the last turn, front straight (which is an active runway), and the first turn. Good times.

Here are a few other shots of the same thing, but a little different as the clouds came in.


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