These two pictures were taken from the same spot, minutes and 180 degrees apart.

I went out to catch the full moon rising and since I was there, grabbed a sunset picture as well. With the sunset shot, somehow the sky and clouds somewhat weirdly mirrored the shape of the water and shore.

As for the moonrise, I’ve been wanting to get the full moon coming up behind the Sunshine Skyway bridge for a while now, but cloulds have ruined the shot for months. Plus, there are only a few pieces of land one can be on to line up the shot. More often than not, the shot only lines up from a spot that is on the water.

I knew the moon wouldn’t be lined up between the bridge uprights on this day, so that will have to happen another time. But I’m happy with the shot. I’ve been chasing it for a so long.


In February, there is a Super Moon that will line up perfectly with the center of the bridge, but... It’s only visible from an island, which is also a state park, which officially closes at sunset, which is 10 minutes before moonrise. The island (you can see it on the horizon of the sunset pic) is only accessible by boat, of which I do not have. The private commercial ferry services depart for the mainland three hours before sunset.


I’m working on getting in touch with a person with a boat that will make it out there and then I need to ask the park service very nicely (and maybe bribe them with a donation) if they’ll let us stay on the island a little past sunset (which I know for fact that they will do) on that day. I’ve got three months to work out the details.

Of course, the weather has to work out, too... I’ve got three months to make a weather control machine.Β