We asked for your tunnel photos and here are your results!

Happy Panda

This one is a few months old now, but I didn’t have my camera with me today and it would be the same tunnel ;-).

The Kuala Lumpur LRT is driverless, so at the ends of the trains you can get great tunnel shots.




XJDano: Chevy Metro driver

Best tunnel photos on my phone. (Top photo actually a shaft looking up), vertical tunnel?




Both of mine were taken with my T2i and my 24mm f/2.8 ai-s Nikkor lens. The top one had to be processed in lightroom and photoshop to get the desired effect which you can see the progress on the original post. The bottom one is a Lancia Delta in a PVC pipe so anyone can shoot tunnels if you get creative.

If you feel like sharing your details for your photo comment below.