Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time
Bikes on Mackinac Island

I’ve taken a lot of photos in my lifetime and so far they all seem to fall into 2 categories: high speed/freeze the action shots and 30+ second long exposures. The 1 second - 1/15th range of shutter speeds might as well have been missing from my cameras.

I figured it was time I did something about that, so over the last couple weeks I’ve been trying to take a couple panning shots of anything moving I come across. I’d love to shoot some motorsports events eventually so it seems like a good skill to have. My takeaway so far? It’s definitely trickier than I expected. I consider myself a pretty steady hand, able to sometime take clear handheld shots of still subjects at 1/10th. That more or less goes out the window when you and the subject are both moving! I’ve found more success with a monopod, but even that can easily move out of plane and cause things to get blurry. Time to keep practicing! I’m really enjoying it though.

Baby’s first roller - taken through the windshield from the passenger seat while my wife was driving
Tractor pulls at the Washington County Fair, NY (practically in my backyard)

Bonus shot: Huge fireball edition


Bonus bonus shot: Fireworks over my father-in-law’s camper on lake Huron

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