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Tried To Shoot The Moonrise

I tried to shoot the Supermoon rising yesterday. It lined up perfectly with the center of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It would have been epic.

It was cloudy. In that direction. Boo.

But I did do a 136-second exposure of this pier that was behind me, and it came out pretty good.

I would have gone back out tonight as the moonrise still lined up with the bridge from near the same spot. But I had something else to do.

Remember those kittens? They’re back. The rescue/adoption group that had them asked us to talk them back until they can find them a home. I had to pick them up tonight. I have a feeling they are here to stay. They were extremely happy to be home. The dog was so excited I thought she was going to explode. I’ll have some cute kitty pictures later. For now, you just get two cats in a carrier.


They ran around for a hour once I got them home. An hour! Ran. For an hour.

That’s all for meow. 

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