I'm working my way through what seems like bazillions of photos... This was a great excuse for me to go back and enjoy some good memories of trips past... I'm really skimming single pics from some trips now... Hope you all enjoy...

(Canon Powershot G3)

[Lead photo is from a church tower in Bergamo, Italy (near the 'Kilometre Rosso', aka Brembo Factory)]

Bergamo Panorama (from the Citta Alta above)

Alte Brücke, Luzern, CH


Flying over the Alps

The British Museum, London, UK


Grutas de García, west of Monterey, MX

Downtown St. Louis, MO (as seen from the arch)


Napali Coast, Hawaii

The Machine Room @ the Cable Car Museum, San Francisco, CA


Chrome blob (aka Cloud Gate) in Chicago, IL

Old Gooderham & Worts Distillery, Toronto, Ontario


Bricks in the yard G&W Distillery