A few months back I managed to basically trade some old lenses I got for free and wasn’t using for ten rolls of good film. I shot them mostly side-by-side with digital and think I expected too much of them. They were fun and low-contrast, but never as clear or as professional as the shots I got on my digital camera. So I sort of lost the desire to shoot much film, happily editing and re-editing and re-re-editing the colors on my digital cameras, which I was taking with me wherever I went.

But I still had two last rolls of the ten to kill the other week, and I finally tracked down a camera I’ve long wanted to buy but was always too expensive for me to justify: somebody was selling a black spotmatic (the silver one I started shooting film on I always thought looked a little precious) in Las Vegas for $30. I was going to Vegas for CES, so a few text messages and an uber to the outside of town netted me the camera from an old junk collector. The dude didn’t even like photography, but he had a garage full of Arguses and Minoltas and 8mm cameras and film enlargers that he was trying to get rid of. I couldn’t get the light meter to work, but I figured I could shoot a roll with a light meter app on my phone.

So I shot my last two rolls, and I finally got some pictures that looked as good as I hoped they would. The ones above did require a little editing. The ones below are out of the scanner.


These ones are all from the last roll I shot on my older Chinon CE-3, a roll of Fuji 400H around and about Manhattan and the Met.


I guess I’ve got to go buy some more rolls of cheap film, get back to experimenting and looking for the real good light.