So I got pulled over today for making a bad turn and almost causing a wreck (I was a shitty driver and wasn't paying attention to one of my sides). The officer took my ID and all that business and as they were processing my ID we talked and I agreed with him that what I did was really fucking stupid and there was no excuse for that. Anyways he asked what I did and I told him I was local college student and an amateur photographer. He asked to see some of my pictures and I showed them to him. Afterwards he told me his wife was looking for a photographer to take some family pictures. He seemed like a really nice guy so I told him I'd do theirs for free as long as I could use their pictures for a portfolio to show future clients. So he said he was going to talk to his wife about a date and that he would call me later today. I also got away without a ticket so win-win for everyone I guess.