Does everyone want to do a “Best of 2018” post of some kind?

Maybe try to have it up sometime between the 2nd and maybe the 5th? That should give you enough time to recover from New Year’s Eve and include any last minute, celebratory pics from New Year’s Eve. For all you party animals, photos still count as 2018 on January 1st so long as you took them before going to sleep.

Post a Top 10 list, or even a Top 20. Post your one and only favorite pic. They don’t have to be technically perfect, they just have to be your favorite that you took in 2018. Write a paragraph about each, or not. Doowutchyalike.

Sorry, I listened to some Digital Underground today. Yeah, you heard me. Digital Underground. I still keep them in rotation. You can take the boy out of Tampa, but you can’t take the Tampa out of the boy.

So if you are game, show us your favorites from 2018 in a few weeks.