Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Thanksgiving Shooting

After stuffing my face on Thanksgiving, I snuck off down to my bayou to try to catch ENVISAT making another flare.


While it didn’t make a flare, I did get this kinda cool shot. In fact, where it was supposed to be at its brightest, it wasn’t visible to the eye. It got brighter a little further on during its trip across the sky. I rotated the tripod head and managed to catch it in two 30-second exposures. You can actually see it getting brighter as it moves from right to left. It should have been getting considerably dimmer at this point.

I also got some wobble at the end of the first frame from a gust of wind, which you can see in the stars if you zoom it. A fairly low-flying passenger plane flew through the frame, too, which looks kinda neat.

But also happening in the sky was Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter all lined up under the waxing crescent earthshined moon. The header pic is the moon (duh) and Venus. In this one, they are from left to right diagonally as I listed a few sentences ago. Quite the sight. Once they move apart in the sky, I think it’ll be a while before it happens again.


And that earthshine on the moon was amazing. This just happened to be the absolute perfect few minutes to get that in the shot. The moon was just in the right spot and the sky was just dark enough. I’ve tried to shoot the earthshine crescent before, but never got it in the sweet spot like this. Not fancy editing to make the shadowed moon pop. That’s just how it was.

I hope everyone who celebrated it had a good Thanksgiving. And if you don’t do Thanksgiving, I hope it was still a great day. I’m thankful that my wife puts up with my stupid adventures, be it down the street or driving for almost four hours just to see some cars (but those cars were sooooo worth it!). And I’m thankful for all of you fellow Photography posters and commenters. You make me a better photographer with your fantastic pictures. Keep up the great work! 

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