For a Christmas gift, I’m trying to take a sunset picture for my mother-in-law. I picked a spot that gave me several options, all of them great. I drove out there today and set up just in time to watch some low rain clouds roll in. The actual spot of the setting sun out of frame to the left, maybe a full frame away. I waited around for the post-sunset glow. I was hoping the sunlight would find a break in the clouds, turning everything orange and red.


Looks like I will be heading back tomorrow to try again. And will try again every day until I get the shot.

Though, with having some time out there today, I learned a few things that will help me get a better shot when the sky is cooperating. One thing I am going to try is to make a composite that is maybe five frames wide by two frames high. That should give me about a 180 degrees by 45 degrees panorama. Or maybe flip to the portrait position and just do about ten shots. That might stitch together better.

If I take my time and do it right, I might be able to have the sun setting on one side and the post-sunset glow on the other. Maybe. I know how to do this, but have never actually attempted something that ambitious in Photoshop.


Does anyone have any experience in stitching that many shots together? I’ll gladly take any advice.

I’ll post the daily attempts.

Your reward for reading this far is a picture from tonight of one of our cats, Turbo. I took it with the vintage Nikkor 50mm set to f/1.4. He’s picked his spot on the pillow next to the wife’s head and he’ll stay there until morning.