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Superb Bloody Doggo Satellite

So last night was that moon thing.

First, shortly after moonrise I was going to shoot the International Space Station making a lunar transit. The weather was going to be cold, but sunny and mostly clear.


It was cold and that was about it.

No moonrise. No ISS transit. Even as I sat there, the weather apps all said it was currently sunny and clear. Boo.

So that was a bust. On to the lunar eclipse.

Unlike last year’s Super Blue Blood Moon, I shot this from my driveway to avoid sitting out in the cold for six hours. The clouds broke just as I wanted to start shooting, and it wasn’t cold at all. But it did help that I could just go inside between shots.


I shot the whole thing from start to finish, which was maybe five and half hours. When putting this together I only used shots from the first half as things were looking cluttered. The collage I made turned out to be a 574 mb file! I’m surprised my computer didn’t punch me.

In the collage, I put the Super Wolf Moon in the center. This was taken a few minutes before the Earth’s shadow started doing it’s think. Then, starting at the west position and moving clockwise is the eclipse ending in the Super Blood Wolf Moon.


I hope everyone got to see this last night. It was truly magical. I think the next lunar eclipse we get here in the US of A is 2021. Until then...


This was shot with my D5200, my 18-300mm lens @ 300mm with a 2x teleconverter, all at f/6.3; ISO and shutter speeds varied.


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