This was Wednesday’s sunset with the crumbling Redington Long Pier. The pier has stood forever but was closed about 9 months ago for repairs. While it sat, not getting repaired we had one helluva storm a few weeks back.

It was pretty much tropical storms conditions, but cold. Lots of storm surge flooding on the coast. Lots and lots of beach erosion. I have a friend who works at a beach hotel. The storm washed away two gazebos and three palm trees from their property (and well above the high tide line). The Redington Pier got trashed. It’s literally falling into the ocean. It’s going to be torn down soon.

I’ve had this shot on my short list for a while, but with the pier not doing well, no time like the present.

This is 13 exposures covering six minutes, shot at ISO 100 and f/25 with three ND filters for a combined 14ND. I stacked them in Photoshop.

I took a lot more pictures, but it was this group of shots that gave me the best result. Lots of blue sky to go with the streaking clouds. The water looks great. And the pier is pretty crisp and defined.


You see, when I left my house it was about 73 degrees out. Perfect. 30 minutes later when I got to the beach it was 59 (and dropping) with a steady 20 mph wind (with stronger gusts). That produced enough vibration to screw up the pier part of the pictures.

It’s also worth noting that I was in shorts and flip-flops (because Florida), which was a mistake. With the wind chill, the cold was bitter. When I left to go home, I had to sit in the car with the heater on because my hands hurt so bad.

It’s also also worth noting that the wind blew one of the ND filters right out of my hand. I had to chase it down the beach. It just took flight. But it was retrieved and was not damaged.


I did manage to stack 93 frames covering about 15 minutes. The pier isn’t too bad, but with more clouds blowing through and the post-sunset deep blue sky not in the majority of the frames, it doesn’t look as good. Still a cool picture, but the first one is better.