Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

I was going for a trifecta on Sunday night but only came away with a daily double.

I was going to shoot a bright ISS pass followed immediately by the Super Snow Moon. I thought I had enough time to get the ISS before the moon was up enough to shoot. Nope. Had to bail on the ISS shot or I wouldn’t have got the moon rising behind downtown Tampa.


I was shooting from the St. Petersburg side of Tampa Bay, about 11.5 miles from the tall buildings. It was a really windy night and I was getting a lot of camera shake. This seems to be the best shot of the zooomed ones. The bay was so choppy it killed any reflections you would normally get from the moon and city lights in this shot.

While everyone always takes these shots of the moonrise, sometimes it’s a good idea to pull back a little and take in the big picture.

Also, the Rule of Thirds can suck it.

After catching the moonrise at 6:54 pm, I went home to cook dinner for me and the wife, swapped batteries, cleaned my sensor and lens, and went back to the same spot for the ULA Solar Orbiter launch.


It was still super windy so the horizon details aren’t as tight as they should be. I think there is one frame where the wind let up. I may go back and re-edit using that frame for the horizon.

I also maybe could have gone in a little tighter, but I really wanted to get as much of the streak on the clear night as possible. Somehow I pointed the camera a few clicks to the right further than I should have. The launch streak should have been closer to the left edge of the frame. Not sure how I did that.


In fact, I did it with two cameras, so yeah. The other camera was my Minolta 35mm. I’m almost done with the top and it’ll be sent off for developing by the end of the week. I have no idea how this shot will come out on it. It might be amazing. It might be completely over exposed. I set it at the smallest aperture and was shooting with Kodak Ekrachrome E100. The exposure time was 2.5 to 3 minutes. 🤷‍♂️


I have a really awesome shot planned for the next night launch, assuming there are clear skies. And assuming I don’t go over to see it up close.

I’ve got some heat on the horizon. Cars and Coffee this weekend, some film shooting to finish that roll. Maybe I’ll finish it there? And the IndyCar Grand Prix of St. Petersburg is just over a month away! Got my gig lined up for that, and maybe a second client, too. Can’t wait! 

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