The one thing we all tend to love.

Its also the one thing you can take a picture of and never have dissenting opinions. I'm not speaking to the techniques of the shots, but the subject matter of the shots.

I think that sometimes we spend too much time looking at photos and not enough time looking into photos. Not bothering with what the message is, or should be.

You can shoot cars and people and landscapes and anything inbetween and I've found that it just doesn't bring forth the same kind of philosophical discussion. Oh the stories I have of the things we end up discussing when it comes to space and all the mysteries that are entailed.


Its astonishing, in that little picture you can capture something so magnificent, so grand and at most times something so mysterious and beyond comprehension.

The only downside? My strong desire to not have to stay up till the ass crack of night to capture such magnificence. Especially in the winter. I'm crazy but not that crazy.