I've been cutting back on my photography endeavors a bit to get my car up and running (you oppo guys understand). Since it's spring now, it's time to start suping up the Rabbit.

Photography-wise, I'm working on making an unprecedented action for me and saving up to get a Fuji X-T1 and their 56mm f/1.2 lens.

Car-wise, I'm working on dumping the ECU to edit the fuel/igntion maps; I plan on throwing a Short Runner Intake Mani, e85 tune, upgrading my fuel system for anticipated moar poowwwwwaaaaaah. Bumping the tq output from 177 at the crank to 184 (stock tune, CAI, cat-back). SRI should get me to~ 200 wtq, e85 on top of it should get me to ~230-240wtq in a wrong wheel drive car, so I'm excited for TORQUE STEER!

Anyways, I had to downgrade to win7 in order to dump my ecu, so I don't have DxO or PS installed atm... Once I get it on there it's photo time again!