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Sony users, need a flash?

Taking a queue from Roflcopter, I’d like to see if I can find a home for my Sony HVL-F60m. Before I take it to the bay of e’s, I’m hoping I can send it to someone who will benefit the most from it.


It’s been cared for, everything works perfectly. This is Sony’s top of the line flash at the moment. You can pretty much point the head almost anywhere you want it, it locks into the show well, and is pretty powerful (GN60), zooms up to 200mm. Has a built in variable video light, pop out deflector/diffuser, a removable big diffuser, works with sony’s wireless/off camera lighting system and can probably be used to club someone to death. There is a firmware update for it, however I found it has been fine for my uses without so I haven’t bothered (its supposed to allow more shorts before overheating).

It is however, missing the included adaptor to the old minolta style hotshoe and the small plastic stand. I’ll forever rue the day those went missing.


When I post it on the EEEEbay, I’ll be shooting for $450 USD, but with the fine upstanding ladies and gentlemen of this kinja, I am certainly willing to part for less, include shipping, take offers... yada yada yada. I will reply with my email to anyone who’s interested.

I will otherwise post this to ebay on Sunday. And if there are any Canucks that are specifically interested, this is currently in Canada.

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