I went out to the beach at night recently to try a bunch of different setting combinations. The moon kinda bogarted the sky, washing out the stars, so I tried a few different things with it.

That is actually the same shot, just edited differently. After some more editting, I stacked eight minutes of continuous exposures. Based on the results, I’ll be going back out to this spot in the near future to take 30 to 45 minutes worth of continuous exposures.

I have an end result in mind. Hopefully, I can make it work. I just ordered a filter that will help with light pollution. That should give me a cleaner image to work with.


To test it before finishing this idea, there will be a window of about 10 days where there will be no moon in the sky for most of the night. I’ll be heading back to the beach to get some Milky Way shots. You can see the faint outline of it in the middle picture. If the moon wasn’t there, it would look amazing. The filter will help with that, too.

Of course, this is all assuming Florida is still here next week. Hopefully, we’ll make it through Irma and I’ll get some neat pictures out of it and everyone in the state is just fine.

I know it sounds silly, but the beach is littered with sea turtle nests right now. Most are due to hatch any day now. I really hope all those little critters get out to sea by the end of the week.