Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Some Critters At f/1.4

When I was out shooting in Tampa the other week, something weird happened. With the 50mm lens on my camera, after having shot with it for a while, the camera displayed an error message.

It said “No Lens Attached” or maybe “No Lens Detected.” Which is weird. I’ve never seen that message, even when swapping lenses or cleaning the sensor. I couldn’t get it to work, so I switched back to the 18-300mm.

Today I tried everything out to see if it was working. Everything was fine. I even took the lens off and got no message. I was even able to fire the camera with the lens off. Weird.

So since I was messing around to make sure everything worked, I snapped some pictures of some of our critters. Since it was in the bedroom with all of it’s crappy lighting, I opened her up to f/1.4 and went to town.

Up top is Mia, my bossy cat. I got her for half price at the shelter because no one wanted her. The staff called her “bossy.” I asked if I could pick her up and they said “You can try.” I scooped her up, flipped her over in my arms and gave her belly rubs. They then said “She’s yours now.” Five years later, she still runs the show.


This is Turbo. The wife rescued him and his sister from the streets when they were abandoned newborns. He’s not put together right, but no matter. We still love him.


You all probably remember little Sugarloaf. She’s the kitten with half a foot. She and her sister are still with us. She is the sweetest little thing ever. The lack of most of a rear foot doesn’t slow her down. In fact, she is near impossible to catch if she’s running around. When she wants to be picked up, she makes the daintiest little chirp and gently taps my leg with her paw. She can jump up into my lap, but prefer that I pick her up. She is so special and amazing.


And last but not least, Josie Dog. She’s a big doofus. The best doofus. The very best doofus. And she knows how to sit just right in the light.


That’s all I have for now. The 50mm lens works just as always, so all is right in the world. 

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