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So I'm Kind Of Freaking Out!

I applied for a spot at the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts through their emerging artist program.

I found out last night that I got accepted!

This is a really big deal. And I’m freaking out. I have five and half weeks to get everything I need ready for the show. I need a dedicated website. I need to set up online and mobile payments. I need business cards. I need prints. Lots and lots of prints. I might even need to go shoot for a few days to pad my portfolio. I’m freaking out.


If anyone has any advice, I’ll gladly take it. The only other show I’ve part of was a group gallery show. I just dropped off my two prints and showed up for the opening. This is completely different. I’ll be showing and selling from a tent. And it’s a juried show.

I’m freaking out.

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