Looking through Ebay and other camera sites gave little to no leads and shipping looked like it was going to get me out of my price point. Kijiji had very few options and Craigslist is a scant graveyard where I am from. So I have found some more options on the local Facebook Buy and sell group. I come asking what one would be the best deal! So here we go!

Canon Rebel EOS XS

- No lens, all docs and charger and battery, looks to be in great condition. Asking $150

Canon 40D

- Canon 18-55mm IS f3.5-5.6 lens for another $50, extra batteries, strap, mem card. Asking $220. A bit outside of my price range for now.

Nikon D50

Comes with stock lens and charger. Asking $220. Again, out of my price range but I could bring them down possibly.