I went back to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon this weekend and took some pictures of the aftermath of the 2006 Warm Fire, which started in Kaibab National Forest (9 years ago last week) when lightning struck. At first the forest service allowed it to burn under management, because small forest fires are actually good for forests, and keep them healthy. But the fire exceeded their ability to contain it, and ended up burning 40,000 acres before they got it back under control. You can still see the scars. The bodies of the large Ponderosa and Pinyon pines litter the landscape, but the new growth of aspen shows how the forest is beginning to heal, just the way it is supposed to.

I took these pictures with my Sony Cybershot RX100, using a picture effect that pulls the greens out against black and white.

Here’s another in full color.


And a few of the canyon itself, while I’m at it. ;)