I fell down a rabbit hole trying to decide if I over developed my 400tx.

Found this article when I was reading about over processed negatives. http://www.johnnypatience.com/the-zone-system-is-dead/ This guy intentionally overexposes and over develops his black and white but his results still look great. So I decided to try “scanning” a few frames with my a6000 to see if I could get better results as far as the tone range/contrast is concerned. Used the tablet that came with my tv displaying a white image with the film sandwhiched between two pieces of glass on top of it. Used my 35mm lens with a +10 macro screw on lens. There was some distortion that I tried to fix in light room. Not sure if thats because of the macro lens or not being truly parallel to the film. The results are ok, I was able to pick up some detail that wasn’t in the scans, but if you zoom in you can actually see the pixels of the screen.


Tried a color one to see how hard it is to invert the image in color. It’s very hard, this was as close to acceptable as I was able to get it.

I’m still going to have the lab scan my film, next black and white I’ll just ask him if theres anything he can do to make the images darker and more contrasty.