I found out my scanner has some attachments for scanning in the negatives! So those will be next. But here are a few prints i made on the enlarger in the darkroom.

First shot was with the SRT101 55mm @f1.7. I dont remember the shutter speed. When i printed this, i burned in the wheels for a ridiculously long time and still couldnt get them details to show up. ill chalk it up to over exposure.

These two shots were for my class assignment. Two shots, identical exposures, one wide open, one stopped all the way down, same focus point. Top: Canon F1, 50mm @f22 Bottom: @f1.4


It was an exercise in correct exposures, because i printed these on the enlarger with exactly the same f/ and exposure time. Kinda neat to see just how much the 1.4 will blow out everything.

Lastly for now. Here is the shot i took on my nikon:


Here it is on the Canon:

I cropped this image on the enlarger and slightly overexposed it while printing (too dark) and its a tad grainy. Maybe ill make another.


Im using Kodak tri-x 400 for everything so i dont know what im missing out with on other film.