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Saturday Pics

I went over to the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts today. That was the thing I was in a year ago. Something funny happened.

I wanted to check out this year’s Emerging Artists entrants. There was a variety of mediums, but only one photographer. Her stuff was good, but it wasn’t something that I was really interested in.

What caught my eye was a guy who did a digital art, with a little photography mixed into the final images. It was crazy, trippy stuff. Really eye-popping and vibrant. And 3D! He had glasses for people to put on. He layered things just right so that when viewed with the glasses, each piece was even more bonkers than the original. Really good, well-done stuff.

As we got to talking about stuff, he realized he had recently met me. He bought one of my prints the other week. I thought he seemed familiar. Freaky. Good to know that we both have impeccable taste.

While there, I snapped a few shots on the DSLR. The header is of the University of Tampa.


After that, I took a softer approach.

Old Steel Railroad Bridge, downtown Tampa

I really like the way these looked when back-lit. People walking by were probably wondering why I was sticking my camera in the bushes.


I took a bunch of black and white shots on the Exa, but still haven’t killed the roll (it’s a 36 exposure). I’m close... It’ll be done in a day or so as I’ve got a really neat color roll waiting to go in for the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg next weekend.

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