Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Saturday Night Film Developing

Right, then...

Last weekend I did a couple of rolls of black and white for the first time in a couple of years. This was a test roll of Arista Edu Ultra ISO 400 (which is rebranded FomaPan 400). Mixed results, but it seems that this film likes light much better than shaded shots. It also tends towards being contrasty.

These were taken at Casa de Fruta, Los Banos, CA, or Fresno Chandler Airport.

Also - and this is sort of cool - I did a roll of color (C41) film, as well. C41 is easier and harder. Easier in that, unlike black and white, theres one time and one temp for developing and fix, regardless of film. Harder in that, you need to nail that temperature, dead nuts on. Only a couple of pics posted as the rest are of the kid and GF and I don’t like posting them (you’re good folks, but it’s the folks that aren’t you that I worry about). Had some scanning and scraping issues with the film while loading it onto the reel. But basically these are proof of concept.

These couple of shots were taken on BART.


So, room for improvement, but not a bad first run.

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