So I've got in my possession a brand new, white, Samsung NX mini. Today was my first day with and although I haven't really had a chance to do much with it, I did start to shoot around with it for the hell of it.

The image above was taken hand-held, without flash or anything other than available light (street lights in this case), and straight-from-the-camera JPG. Camera settings: 9mm (24mm equiv.); f/4.0; 1/4; ISO1600.

Now the NX mini's raison d'être is the "selfie" and as cringe-worthy as that may sound, Samsung's "Wink" mode - basically allows you to trigger a self timer by, well, winking - is definitely a conversation starter. (Sorry Kinjanites, I will not be sharing my hideously gorgeous mug with you all.)


So, anyone have any questions or requests on what to shoot? I'll do my best to get your shot in as long as it's 1. legal; and 2. not degrading to myself or my subject (have to throw that one out there because this is the internet). I'll do my best to answer all questions on the camera.