Be gentle, I'm sick, took two of these at night with just a monopod, edited them on camera with the predefined curves I had put in there from when I was screwing around, and did the editing while I was falling asleep.

All shot with Canon 6D; 17-40mm f/4L (Great lens by the way, get one! They're cheap(ish)!)

Bridge: I-55


Frost: While I was waiting for my car to warm up in the morning


Barn: Just before going in for the night. Flickr rotated it for some stupid reason, so just rotate your monitor or laptop to see it right-side up.

Also, the 6D is working out wonderfully! Though I miss the kerr-chink noise of the T2i's shutter occasionally! I'll have to load them both up on an adventure one day to compare shots!