Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Thought I’d do a small project here, to shoot the roll of film over a longer period of time or at least not develop it for a long time. I’m pretty good at getting through a roll of film really quickly so I’ll be lucky if this lasts more than a month.

Reason why I’m sticking the expiry date to the camera is I suppose to remind me that I want to save this roll, but also just in case I overshoot the date, then I’ll stick it to the canister I put it into. I don’t understand why they put the expiry date on the box and not the casing itself...


Actually writing this post has made me realise just how optimistic I’m being thinking I won’t use it up or develop it before June 2018. Well, whatever, wish me luck! Given there are only 24 exposures, this is going to be quite a challenge.

And a pic of the camera itself. I can’t find any info on it whatsoever, I’m wondering if it’s even legitimately a Praktica product. It’s pretty much no different from a disposable camera other than that you can change the film and it has a zoom lens. A cousin got it for me one Christmas when I was about 5 or 6, I remember using it a couple of times but I’ve got no idea what kind of pics it produces which adds a bit to this “project”.

Oh and the film is Fuji C200 which didn’t pass quality control so is relabelled as Agfa Vista and sold at £1 stores.


Lastly, here’s a PetaPixel post from someone doing something similar:


I’d say it’s a fairly common thing to do, if you shoot film then give it a go!

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