So last time I posted pictures, I got kinja'd really hard. I want to post some of my other work as well, but for the time being, have some pictures from earlier today.

I have a Canon 7D with the latest and greatest firmware, and the photos were taken with either the 50mm 1.4 or the 10-20mm 3.5. Those are the only two I really bother to use at car shows. Nothing else gets me the details I want with the sharpness I like to see.



Some of these I'll go back and do more to, like the Audi, I'm tempted to vignette that to hide the surroundings. That's really the big thing. I try to get past the whole, picture of every car thing. I target the ones I feel like I wont see again, and get a handful of shots of what I like best about the car.

Exif should still be in all the images if you feel like seeing exactly how I shot it. A density filter is going to be in future for both lenses, as even at ISO100, at F1.4, things can still be a bit blown out. It really just comes down to the fact that it looks so great, I'd rather step it back down with a filter than ruin the shallow DoF just to get the exposure under control.

The silly things we do to make pictures come out....