Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

The Mom is still in the hospital. She’s getting better but there are a few lingering issues that the docs are trying to wrap their heads around. She’ll probably be discharged in a few days if she keeps improving. Finger’s crossed.

As far as my secret photo project goes, I have snapped a pic everyday except yesterday. I was only at the hospital for a short time yesterday and with nurses coming in and some other stuff, I couldn’t get a secret photo taken.


I was going to go shoot the SpaceX launch last night as mom was doing ok and I felt I could skip town for six or seven hours. I was going to take something during my trip across the state for this endeavor. But the launch got scrubbed when I was halfway there. I turned around and went home. No picture for Thursday.

This is what I took Sunday (the header pic) through Wednesday. Sunday was a weird one. No one wants to spend Mother’s Day in the hospital. It’s just not right. But it is what it is. We made the best of it. The rest of the week was weird, too. Lots of ups and downs. Not a lot of sleeping. Lots of stress.


I don’t recommend this experience to anyone. When your loved ones start to show signs of serious illness, just freeze them or something until the technology exists to fix them up with the push of a button.


That’s all for now. Back to hospital today at some point today. I am going to a Car and Coffee tomorrow for two reasons. I need to do something else besides the hospital. The rocket launch was supposed to scratch that itch but all I did was drive on I-4 for four hours, which does nothing but angry-up the blood. Secondly, I should be able to get a copy of the magazine that some of my Grand Prix of St Pete pics are in. They only printed four (I knew it would be only four or five in print), but they used good ones. I saw the digital layout and it looks really nice.

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