Figured we could start doing reviews of equipment we buy or use so that everyone can read a review by one of the great people around here. Should come in handy when people are shopping for new gear too!

So I will start out with a simple one on a lens cap I purchased off Ebay. I will try and make a template for others to follow as well. Would be good to include some test shots if the gear is a lens and/or body!

DESCRIPTION: 58mm Snap-on Canon Lens Cap. Ebay ad here

QUALITY: The cost with shipping for this was the grand total of $1.33 CAD. It did take a month to arrive but seems to fit my kit lens well and the larger tabs on front make it a lot easier to quickly remove and re-attach than the cover it came with. I have a tough time believing that is actually Canon but works just as good.

VALUE: For just over a dollar it is a pretty great deal. It came with a leash as well but I typically have a pocket to put the cap in so I don't bother. The worst thing about it is the time it took to arrive, which is expected when ordering overseas.


Anything else you think I should include let me know! Feel free to ask any questions if you have any!