Bringing kinja into focus, one frame at a time

Hey everybody! I’m excited to have found and been welcomed into this little corner of the Kinjaverse. Given the new year and the fact that I’m packing to move into my first house with actual space for a studio and darkroom I started thinking about photos that I want to try taking over the next year. The subjects are as yet undecided, but the techniques and style behind them is what I want to emulate. Hopefully I can learn a lot along the way! Feel free to add any thoughts or your own list of goals for the new year. What’s your inspiration?

Oh, and because I’m a glutton for punishment I’m adding a twist as well: I’m going to film my attempts at each one of these shots from the planning through the editing to a final image I (hopefully) like. I have no great illusion of getting big on Youtube or having anyone but me watch, but I think it will be interesting to look back on and I want to hone my video skills for other things as well. I also do everything on a pretty limited budget ($400 used a6000 body, film camera lenses from ebay etc) so if I can nail some of these with my admittedly second rate equipment than maybe it can inspire someone else with limited funds to try as well.

 None of the following example photographs are mine, see credits

  • Flash + motion trails action (shot on film)
Photo by Gunars Elmuts

I’ve recently rediscovered the early ‘90s skate and snowboard photos of Gunars Elmuts thanks to his instagram page. I grew up inspired by the photos I saw in skate mags and while a lot of his work probably predates the ones I saw, people were still using film to shoot when I got interested. I’d love to try and recreate something like this - using a flash to freeze the action but leaving the motion blur to capture the whole trick in one shot. I’d shoot it on grainy b&w film too, because of course.

  • Panning motion blur car shots
Photo by Andrew Pascarella aka Racedinanger

Despite coming of age studying car photos in Road & Track and attending several rally events and the last two Mt. Washington hillclimbs I still haven’t spent a lot of time trying to take a proper panning shot of a moving car. That ends this year!

  • Light painting a car
Photo by Jonathan Harper/JBH Photo

This just looks like fun, and it’s something I’ve never tried. Time to change that!

  • Astrophotography
Photo by Mark Gee

There are a few different directions I could take with this. I’d love to try for a clean photo of the milky way like this, even though I don’t live in New Zeland with their amazing lack of competing light. Then again, star trails sound like fun too... but I think I’d like to try doing them on film, vs the stacking method people use in Photoshop. Maybe both and compare?

  • Close portrait on 4x5 film
Photo by Stefan Rappo

I bought a 4x5 Graflex view camera last year, and so far I’ve only started to feel comfortable with it. I want to master the tilts/shifts and then get a real up close and personal portrait such as this. I’d say 90% of my photos don’t involve people, and that’s for a reason. This will be a stretch but I’m also excited about it

  • Architecture shot with perspective correction
Photo by Richard Kline

Another photo that could go in different directions. My 4x5 can certainly do all the tilts/shifts to make a photo look like this right in the box. On the other hand, Adobe has given us all kinds of digital tools for perspective control as well. Maybe I’ll try both and compare?

  • “Fine art” long exposure on 120 film
Photo by Gavin Dunbar

Long exposures are something I’ve played around a lot with over the last year, and I feel pretty comfortable with them. That said, I have a specific vision for this one - I want to do it on film, with my medium format Yashica Mat 124. I’ve got a red filter and a couple ND filters, so why not? I want to use time to simplify an image to it’s minimal essence.

  • Glass table/lit background product photography
Photo by NUMZ Graphics

I played around a lot with product photography over the last year, and I feel confident getting a shot that’s clear and shows the subject. Now I want to try taking a photo that can actually enhance the subject!

  • Foggy night shot
Photo by Kylen Kegg

City lights on foggy nights photos seem to be all over Instagram these days, and I’ll admit I’m pretty smitten by them too. I finally got around to trying a few shots like this the last time we had some real fog, and I’m still jazzed about the results. I want to keep that going!

Do you think I’ve bit off more than I can chew? You can find out over the next year!

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