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Photo of the Day: Unloading Zone

It’s a new month and a new week, and time for a new Photo of the Day.

Unloading Zone

Today I’ve got steel mills on the brain. Why? Because I spent most of the day yesterday exploring a mind-blowingly huge abandoned steel mill. I have no photos to post yet as I shot it on film, haven’t developed any yet, and I’m not even sure if the developing chemicals I have on hand are usable anymore. Consequently it may be a while before I can show off this weekend’s photos.

This photo comes from the remains of another steel mill. It’s the Carrie Furnace, a complex of two blast furnaces, all that remains of Carnegie Steel’s Homestead Works. This area along the back of the furnace is an elevated platform for trains. Hopper cars full of coke would be parked here, their contents dumped through the open grates between the rails into massive bins below. This coke would then be hauled up to the top of the blast furnace to fuel the fires used for melting the components for making steel. This was once a bustling, smoky, filthy place with fires burning 24/7. Now it’s rather peaceful, the sole occupant of a large field by a river.

Camera: Pentax K1000SE

Lens: Pentax 50mm

Film: Kodak Tri-X 400

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