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Photo of the Day: The Dressing Room

Thanks to FlowerGirlH4v0c for bringing me on board!

I’ve been doing this project where I share one of my favorite photos each day on my Flickr and Instagram pages, so I thought I’d do it here too.

The Dressing Room

Backstage in an abandoned theater, this dressing room sits largely as it was the day the theater company closed up shop in 2010. This was the women’s dressing room, the men’s was in a corresponding position on the other side of the stage. Note that two chairs are missing- they were wedged under a giant wardrobe nearby. The floor under the wardrobe had buckled due to water damage and someone jammed the chairs underneath to prevent it from falling. This thing probably weighed several hundred pounds and was just a few inches behind me when I took this shot. I took care not to lean into it.

The day I took this photo sure was an interesting one. I forgot to check the battery on my K1000SE when I packed my camera bag, and when I pulled it out to start shooting I found out the battery was dead. I had a spare, in my other camera bag, at home. Not the end of the world as I had a light meter in my bag. Well, it turns out that was dead too. I downloaded a light meter app for my iPhone and used that, turns out it worked very well. A fun fact about the Pentax K1000: the battery only powers the light meter, all other functions including shutter speed and release are mechanical and require no power. This means if you have another means of metering your shots the camera is fully usable with no battery.

  • Camera: Pentax K1000SE
  • Lens: Tokina 19-35mm
  • Film: Slightly expired Kodak Plus-X 125

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