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Another day, another photo post!

Poolside Fun

Today’s photo comes from the abandoned Pines Hotel, a “Borscht Belt” resort hotel located in the Catskills. These hotels were all the rage 50+ years ago, but with the rise of theme parks and the public’s increased access to air travel they declined and began to close, with dozens shutting their doors in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The Pines closed in 1998 and demolition began in 2011.


Visiting on an August day, the heat was oppressive. The building housing this indoor pool was absolutely sweltering, as the massive windows created a greenhouse effect. I really regret not getting more photos during my visit here. It was a very tough location to shoot but looking back I wish I’d spent more time there.

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Camera: Pentax K20D

Lens: Tamron 18-250mm

Focal Length: 18mm

F-stop: F3.5

Exposure time: 1/125 second

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